Increase in Aircrafts Registered in Malta

Michela Pirotta | 23 May 2012

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Malta marked an increase of 21% in registered aircraft during 2011 and the first months of 2012. This increase results in 103 aircraft registered in Malta. Various air operators have also shown interest in relocating their business to Malta and Transport Malta is currently processing more than 30 requests from international business aviation operators. 


Promotion of Malta as a hub for registration of aircraft together with the establishment of a base of air operating companies is given priority on the government's agenda. Malta's workforce is continuously specialising and training in this industry, thereby reinforcing Malta's standards as an aviation base. 


All these developments move hand in hand with the Authority's efforts to restructure the Civil Aviation directorate by investing in additional specialised human resources with the necessary expertise to ensure the highest level of safety standards and service required by this industry. 



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