Chetcuti Cauchi contributes to the Malta Annual Legal Journal 'Id-Dritt' 2020

Malta’s new Trademark Act and Trade Secrets Laws 2019

Mr. Steve Muscat Azzopardi | Published on 05 Jun 2020

Chetcuti Cauchi contributes to the Malta Annual Legal Journa

Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi of Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates has authored an article entitled "Malta’s new Trademark Act and Trade Secrets Laws 2019" to the annual edition ofId-Dritt.2020's issue is the XXX Edition (30th) of this publication, issued by the Malta Ghaqda Studenti tal-Ligi(


Id-Dritt is a publication that focuses on yearly academic writing of the highest quality and ensures that while the high standards of the publication are upheld, the content of the publication is pertinent to contemporary discussion. The XXX Edition features thirty-one different articles from legal professionals from different fields and a discussion of twenty-one different topics. This legal journal Id-Dritt has its origin in humble beginnings in 1944 and has definitely come far since then. The XXX Edition is the first of its kind in that it is published as an eBook, thereby continuing GħSL’s proud tradition of producing annual editions of Id-Dritt, whilst also making the publication more easily accessible to interested parties. 

Malta’s new Trademark Act and Trade Secrets Laws 2019 

Dr Maria's article tackles the 'modernization' of Malta trademark and trade secrets laws. The 2019 new Malta Trademarks Act and new Trade Secrets Act have approximated our local laws to the collection of EU laws and regulations as well as their domestic counterparts in other EU Member States. The main aim behind such changes was the strengthening of the gamut of local laws and regulations covering these topics. The New Trademarks Act amplified the extent of protection, modernised traditional trademark law to bring it in line with new technologies and increased the level of protection for brand owners. In the case of Trade Secrets, before the enactment of the new Trade Secrets Act, Malta relied purely on contract law when it came to the protection of proprietary know-how or proprietary technology. Dr Maria tackles these topics in detail and an analysis of the main reasons and changes behind these laws is explained. 

The Author  

Dr Maria Chetcuti Cauchi is a senior partner at Chetcuti Cauchi and heads the Real Estate and Intellectual Property & ICT practices. Throughout her years of experience, Maria assisted clients in various Intellectual Property aspects, including IP planning, business and brand protection, branding strategy and structuring and transfer of technology agreements. Maria has represented clients from the automobile, agricultural, food and beverages, personal care, consumer electronics, furniture, gaming and software industries. 
Maria also specializes in real estate transactions focusing on providing bespoke advice to buyers seeking to invest in Malta through the use of investment and holding vehicles, structured asset plans, private equity and real estate funds, special purpose vehicles and trusts. 


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