ITPA Malta 2013 - International Tax Planning Association

Hotel Phoenicia Malta | 10 Mar 2013

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Chetcuti Cauchi will be attending and sponsoring the ITPA (International Tax Planning Association) Malta 2013 meeting which will be held at the Phoenicia Hotel in Floriana, Malta between the 10th and 12th of March 2013.

About ITPA - International Tax Planning Association, Malta 2013

International Tax Planning Association (ITPA) organize 3 meetings a year, with the first one for 2013 being held in Malta. ITPA's main objective is to render information concerning International Tax Planning through publications, the internet and meetings.

Why attend the ITPA Malta 2013 meeting?

ITPA meetings are held as a form of discussion; members are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the knowledgeable speakers. All meetings will include an attendance quota, so as to eradicate overcrowding and consequently increasing focus and discussion liberty. Full focus can be set on talks, as transcripts and summaries of seminars are sent to members via email at the end of each meeting.

The ITPA Malta 2013 meetings will also provide an excellent opportunity for acquiring valuable contacts.

The topics which will be addressed during the ITPA Malta 2013 meeting are:

International Tax Planning: a Malta Perspective by Stephen Attard

  • Taxation of Malta Trusts and Foundations
  • High Net Worth Individuals and Retirees
  • Leasing of Yachts and Aircraft for private use
  • Tax treatment of Malta companies and their shareholders
  • Cell companies
  • Company re-domiciliation and transfer of a Societas Europaea (SE) to Malta

Arbitration in Trust Matters by Dabid Brownbill Q.C.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: are there viable alternatives to litigation?
  • Can trust arbitration offer a real advantage over litigation?
  • The arbitral process - the what and how of arbitration
  • Why is trust arbitration difficult? Five impediments to trust arbitration
  • The Statutory solutions: Malta, Florida, Guernsey and Bahamas

The New Dynamics of the Amended Cyprus International Trust Law by Paolo Panico

  • Cyprus trusts in an international perspective
  • Reserved powers
  • Disclosure of information to beneficiaries
  • Asset protection and "firewalls"

Liechtenstein Today by Ariel Goekmen

  • Introduction: past, present, future
  • Overview of tax treaties
  • The new foundation law as planning tool for the tax compliant client
  • UHNWI structures with Liechtenstein content, e.g. for Eastern Europeans
  • Permutation Planning
  • Conclusion

Tax Residence by Paul Hunston

  • Is the UK setting a trend?
  • The mess the UK had got itself in
  • Automatic residence
  • Automatic non-residence
  • The middle ground - sufficient ties tests
  • The new law vs. the old law, and planning opportunities

Understanding the Middle Eastern Client by Andrew de la Rosa

  • "Cohabitation": Are Arab legal systems living in sin?
  • Arab clients in the midst of the Arab Spring
  • Inside the ring of fire: the Gulf IFCs
  • "You cannot ignore the spiritual dimension"

Perpetual Trusts, Foundations, Executive Entities by Wendy Warren

  • New developments in the Bahamas
  • Crafting a Directed Trust without eliminating the fiduciary duty
  • Executive Entities: institutionalising governance & ownership of PTCs
  • Perpetuities Abolition with a pathway from existing trusts
  • Comprehensive Arbitration for Trusts Provisions: do these work?
  • No Contest Clauses in statute
  • Progress on the Foundation Act

The News from Brussels by Timothy Lyons Q.C.

  • Anti-avoidance rules - legal or illegal?
  • Exit taxes - on the way out?
  • EU double taxation: inevitable or not?
  • Financial transactions tax - does it affect you?
  • Euroland: my tax system - your business?

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