World Intellectual Property Day

Dr. Susanna Grech Deguara | Published on 26 Apr 2021

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A Significant Day for WIPO

Back in the year 2000, the member states of the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) designated the 26th of April to be marked as World Intellectual Property Day. This day is very significant for WIPO, as it was the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force way back in 1970. The WIPO Convention was the constituent instrument which set up WIPO. 

Since its early days, World IP Day has offered a unique yearly opportunity to regroup and consider how IP contributed to the flourishing of new technology, music, and the arts. 

Theme for 2021

This year, the theme chosen by the WIPO is ‘IP & SME: Taking your ideas to market’. Every great product or invention, snack or technology starts off as an idea, and unfortunately, a small percentage of ideas make it to commercialization. This perhaps perilous journey has been chosen by the WIPO to take center stage at this year’s World IP Day, most especially, with the critical role SMEs have in this process. All the big brands we know today, iconic flavors or memorable labels have all started off as a small idea and grew into strong enterprises through time. 

At a time of great uncertainty, WIPO have shed light on the backbone of national economies – Small and Medium sized enterprises. The businesses that hatch from breakthrough innovations and succeed in offering inspirational creations will shape our future. It is estimated that SMEs represent more than 50% of employment worldwide and contribute to up to 40% of GDP in emerging economies.  WIPO is presenting to budding entrepreneurs intellectual property as the key to turn an idea into a business opportunity, generate value and create employment. 

Indeed, intellectual property can provide to companies the security needed to push through with their ideas and develop their best inventions. Get in touch with our intellectual property team for more information. 

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