Proposal for a Specialised Court for Maritime Cases

Admin | Published on 19 Apr 2021

Proposal for a Specialised Court for Maritime Cases

Recently, a proposal was made by the Malta Maritime Forum (MMF), following Justice Joseph Zammit McKeon’s suggestion, for the Law Courts’ commercial section to be expanded in order to cater for maritime court cases specifically. He stated that this should be done by allotting more judges and by having a specialised court to deal solely with such cases, an example of which is the transportation of goods. 

Malta -  Excellency in the Maritime Legal Field

To strengthen their argument, the MMF referred to Malta’s important role in the maritime field and its significance on an international scale, especially in the trading sector, making the requirements of a specialised court a “crucial requirement”. Furthermore, the MMF regards Justice McKeon’s proposal as a stepping stone for Malta to achieve excellency in the maritime legal field.

It is yet to be known how such an interesting proposal will be taken forward by the relevant authorities.

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