Income Tax Rules for Nomad Residence Programme Permit holders in Malta

Nomad Residence Permit holders benefit from an income tax exemption in the first 12 months of residence, and reduced income tax rate of 10% thereafter.

. Magdalena Velkovska co-authored with Dr. Anna Sultana | Published on 28 Dec 2023

Income Tax Rules for nomads MT img

By virtue of LN 277 of 2023, Malta has introduced the Income Tax Rules applicable to the Nomad Residence Permit holders. Individuals who are issued with a residence permit after January 1st 2024, will benefit from a 12 months period starting from the date of issue of their Nomad Permit, during which their income derived from “authorized work” will be exempt from income tax in Malta.  A flat rate of 10% will apply thereafter.  The applicants would need to declare to the Residency Malta Agency that their residence in Malta in the past 12 months is not merely of a casual nature. 

Individuals who already hold Nomad Residence Permits shall not be subject to income tax on the income from “authorized work” derived prior to January 1st 2024 year. 

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