Malta opens Maltese Embassy in Brazil

Maltese embassy in Brazilia a first in Latin America

Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti | Published on 03 Jun 2022

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Brazil-Malta relations were highlighted as Malta opened an Embassy in Brazil.  The Maltese embassy in Brazilia is Malta's first diplomatic representation in Latin America. 

Maltese Minister for Foreign Affairs, European Affairs & Trade visited Brazilia to inaugurate the Maltese Embassy in Brazil on 3rd June 2022 and was received by the acting Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Paulino Franco de Carvalho Neto at the Itamaraty Palace. This is the first visit by a Maltese minister to Brazil.

Malta wants to further improve its bilateral relationship with Brazil
Foreign Minister Ian Borg

Minister Borg met with the Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes, the Minister of Tourism Carlos Brito and the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Paulino Franco De Carvalho Neto. On the 4th June, the Maltese Minister was received by the President of the Republic of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. 

During this official visit to Brazil, Minister Ian Borg explained that the strategic decision to open the first Maltese embassy in LatAm in Brazil is very important and will be followed by building on the Brazil-Malta cooperation that exists in many areas, including trade.  During the meeting with the Minister of Economy, Minister Borg described how Malta and Brazil were considering the possibility of signing a number of agreements in the near future that will benefit both peoples.

Malta is open to host international companies in view of Malta's geographical situation as a bridge between Europe and Africa. 

During Minister Borg's discussion with the Brazilian Minister for Tourism, it was agreed to sign an important agreement for the further strengthening of existing Malta-Brazil cooperation in the field of tourism, particularly in view of the increasing number of Brazilian students visiting Malta to study the English language.

Malta-Brazil Relations

Brazil and Malta established diplomatic relations in 1975. The reciprocal interest in enhancing political dialogue materialized in 2016 with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Conduct of Bilateral Relations and in 2018 with the holding of the first Political Consultation Meeting in Valletta, Malta's capital.
In 2021, the trade flow reached $ 149.1 million (a 22.8% increase compared to 2020), with exports of $ 135.8 million (a 24.8% increase), imports of $ 13.3 million (a 5.6% increase), and a Brazilian surplus of $ 122.5 million. Brazil’s main exports to Malta are petroleum fuel oils. Among the imports, diodes, transistors and medical devices stand out.

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