EU Digital SME Webinar on IP Essentials

Online | 09 Apr 2024

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About the Webinar on Intellectual Property Essentials

The EU Digital SME Alliance invites you to participate in its upcoming IPowerSMEs webinar Series titled "Intellectual Property Essentials: Strategies for Business Growth and Innovation." Intellectual Property (IP) plays a pivotal role in fostering competitiveness, driving innovation, and fuelling growth within enterprises. Crafting a robust IP strategy is integral to leveraging these benefits effectively. IP assets within a company serve as catalysts for value creation, facilitating the introduction of novel or enhanced products, services, processes, and business models. They also enhance eligibility for research and development funding, foster collaborations, and elevate the financial standing of the organization.

In this webinar, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will gain insights into developing tailored IP strategies tailored to their unique requirements, particularly during the crucial phases of business development.

Date: Tuesday, April 9th

Time: 16:00h - 17:00 CET

Webinar Registration:

Agenda: Strategies for Business growth and Innovation

During the interactive Q&A segment, the panel of experts from the EU Digital SME Alliance will address inquiries pertaining to strategic utilization of IP assets for business expansion, focusing on:

  • Safeguarding IP through various available mechanisms suitable for SMEs.
  • Evaluating and appraising the value of IP assets inherent to the organization.
  • Formulating an efficient knowledge management strategy that aligns with the scale and objectives of SMEs.
  • Implementing adaptive strategies to tackle emerging challenges and seize opportunities relevant to SMEs' growth trajectories.

Meet the Expert Panelists 

Susanna Grech Deguara

Susanna, senior associate at the firm, works closely with clients to ascertain their needs and develop a holitic IP strategy based on the main aims and goals of the client. Having an avid interest in technology and a marketing background, Susanna specialises in Intellectual Property protection. She has undergone various courses with the EU Intellectual Property Office, and in her studies, Dr. Grech Deguara has written her thesis on the legal implications of domain name cybersquatting. 

Luis Haruo Inafuku Yoshida

Luis hold's a Master's Degree in Advanced Mechanical Design at Poltecnico di Milano. Currently, he is a product Innovation Engineer at ROLD and an Intellectual Property expert.

Jenthe Tack

Jenthe is a European Patent Attorney at Brantsandpatents, focusing on medical devices, mechanics, electronics and textiles. He has ample experience in opppostition proceedings before the European Patent office. 

Loredana Bucsenean

Loredana is a project manager at Digital SME and leads the IPowerSMEs initiative. She will be the moderator during the webinar. She supports the growing ecosystem of the SMEs to connect with like-minded Partners, explore collaborative ventures, and access a series of support service tailored to their needs. 

Who are IPowerSME?

IPowerSMEs is dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in safeguarding their innovations through Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Recognizing the inherent obstacles that SMEs encounter compared to larger corporations, IPowerSMEs advocates for a supportive ecosystem to mitigate this discrepancy. By promoting awareness of IPR significance and equipping SMEs with essential skills and knowledge, the initiative endeavors to empower them to protect their innovations effectively. Ultimately, this endeavor aims to uphold SMEs' ability to sustain viable business models amidst dynamic market conditions.

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