Chetcuti Cauchi on Suspended Licence & Points System

Drivers lose their licence for 2 months on reaching 12 penalty points

Chetcuti Cauchi | 14 Nov 2019

ChetcutiCauchi Suspended Licence

Chetcuti Cauchi explains that a Malta licence is suspended on reaching 12 driving penalty points. Chetcuti Cauchi explains licence suspended and revoked twice in a three year period require the taking of a fresh test before reinstating their licence.

Licence Suspended for 2 months

Chetcuti Cauchi noted that the penalty point system introduced a year from the introduction on the Malta licenses, saw 164 drivers have their licence suspended in its first year of operation.  The licence points system was extended to all drivers after an introductory license suspension being applicable only persons who had just obtained their licence. 

Chetcuti Cauchi: consequences of a second Licence Suspension

Under the new Malta licence system, drivers lose their licence for two months if they accumulate 12 penalty points over a 12-month period. Chetcuti Cauchi explained that when they the licence is revoked twice in three years, the licence holder must sit for a fresh test before regaining their licence. 

Chetcuti Cauchi further explained that having their licence suspended a third time in five years entails a licence holder being unable to sit for the test before a year of not driving, with the license suspension rising to two years for those whose licence is revoked four times in a seven-year span. 

Malta’s enforcement unit would not only be inspecting licence-holders, but would also be increasing the checks carried out on licence holders in respect of taxis, vans and other similar services to ensure that those opting for alternative transport really were taking the safer option.

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