ICT Industry Players launch Principles for Online Safety for Ch

| Published on 06 Mar 2012

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The ICT Coalition for a Safer Internet for Children and Young People has launched a set of principles intended to “increase awareness on practices that promote online safety and well-being of children and young people”[1]. Covering all types of services offered by means of the internet as well as products, services and devices which provide access to the internet, the Principles are applicable when the product, service or device is directed towards EU residents and the EU market.

The Principles address matters as are parental controls, dealing with abuse or misuse, child sexual abuse, illegal contact, privacy, education and awareness. They are meant to be of interest to members of the ICT industry, such as manufacturers of desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, tablets, TV set top boxes and gaming consoles; network operators and connectivity providers; and online content and service providers.

Stakeholders such as children’s advocates and national representatives shall be able to give their feedback to the signatories of the Principles by means of a platform which is to be set up. Major players in the ICT industry such as Facebook, Google, Nokia and Vodafone are among the 25 signatories to the Principles who are now calling on other stakeholders to join the ICT Coalition and adopt the Principles.

Implementation of the Principles by the signatories should commence during the year 2012. Signatories are expected to present a roadmap and targets on how they plan on implementing the Principles within 6 months and to report the progress made within 18 months. Thereafter, reports and revisions to the Principles will be submitted bi-annually.

[1] Preamble to the Principles for the Safer Use of Connected Devices and Online Services by Children and Young People in the EU.


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