e-Malta: Towards a further realisation of the one-stop-shop con

Daniela Bartolo | Published on 23 May 2012

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Reaffirming its leading position for its e-Government services, Malta is currently undergoing a streamlining process through which current and upcoming e-Government services shall be available through a new platform based on eForms that does away with the need of a website for each services.

Through the new platform, a user may find and use all public service forms from one place and may subsequently monitor progress during processing and communicate from one electronic mailbox. This secures a customer-centred approach that will be spared relatively long lead-times and the silo approach created by a different user experience for every service.
Modelled on the ‘one-stop-shop’ concept that is strengthening Malta’s position as a jurisdiction of choice of the financial services, gaming and shipping industry, among other industries, all Government services shall be delivered from one place. 
The Government has announced that in the coming months it will be launching a further 300 new e-Government services. 
“E-Government is also not just about electronic channels but also about bringing services closer to the community, through agents: professionals, businesses and NGOs trusted by the government and users and who can apply for services on the user’s behalf. The most common live example we have of agents already at work is the way insurance companies obtain the road license disc for car owners instead of having car owners interact directly with Transport Malta. Agents do not only bridge digital divide but also reduce the administrative burden.” Juan Borg Manduca, Chief Officer, Information Systems and Transformation.

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