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IMC closes investigation and re-instates Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti

Admin | Published on 28 Apr 2020

Chetcuti Cauchi IMC

The Investment Migration Council has concluded a thorough seven-month investigation into allegations by the French media, finding no breach of the IMC Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct by Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti.

The precautionary investigation was based only on claims made in French by the TV programme, added in voice-over to muted footage of a meeting with Dr Chetcuti but no other evidence was presented to back these claims.

Central to the evidence submitted by Dr Chetcuti were the raw footage obtained by the firm in the course of its successful court proceedings in France and the IIP Regulator’s Report of November 2019 The final decision of the IMC was announced in a press statement today the 27th April 2020.

In its statement, the Investment Migration Council pointed out that “following a thorough investigation into the reasons that led to a temporary suspension of Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti from membership of the IMC introduced on the 26 September 2019, the IMC has decided to remove the suspension and close the investigation. The IMC established that Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti has not acted against IMC Codes in the case that was subject to investigation.”

The IMC stated that “reaching a fair and just decision in this case, was only possible by taking into account all evidence, including the ORiiP Analysis and the raw footage of your entire meeting with the French undercover journalist which allows for assessment of the entire context of your discussion with the French undercover journalist.”

“On the basis of the ORiiP Analysis, and assessment of the raw footage of the entire meeting the IMC reached a decision to restore your right to officially affiliate yourself with the IMC and close the investigation process. The available evidence shows that you have not infringed the CEPC during your meeting with the French undercover journalist,” added the IMC in its statement.

Reacting to the news, Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti stated:

"we welcome the finding by the IMC that the unedited raw footage reviewed by this professional body contradicts the assertions made by the French media. We appreciate the thorough scrutiny of this and the Report of the IIP Regulator and welcome the IMC’s conclusions wholeheartedly. Chetcuti Cauchi is a firm built on strong ethical principles and we have full faith in the honourable conduct of our representatives.”

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