Malta to Transform Digital Gaming Strategy into a Vibrant Econo

| Published on 20 Apr 2012

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Prime Minister Dr. Lawrence Gonzi addressed the Digital Games Forum 2012 last week and stated that “Malta can become a regional centre for digital gaming”. We have the vision and the potential for this to happen... and transform this digital gaming strategy into a vibrant economic sector in the years to come."

In 2011, Malta registered the third fastest growth rate amongst the 27-member bloc, with an employment growth rate of 2.4%. In fact, Dr. Gonzi said this reaffirmed that “our job creation efforts and strong economic fundamentals,” and those visions which were previously believed to be “wishful thinking” were now becoming a successful “reality” in Malta.

The Government believed in the island’s potential to succeed in the digital gaming sector and past performances have encouraged the Government to move forward in its vision. Finance Minister Tonio Fenech, who also addressed the launch, said that digital gaming had the potential to build on a successful economy and generate a higher growth per capita.

Additional investment and a good digital gaming strategy could help this niche sector become a successful and significant contributor to the Maltese economy. The Government has recently approved a 15% tax capping for digital gaming directors and games designers' salaries which, together with Malta's advantageous tax system, should attract more foreign investment to the sector.

Although fiscal and tax incentives are important attractions for the sector, the island’s hospitable and safe environment, thriving cultural scene together with its Mediterranean climate are added bonuses.

William Latham, Games Audit UK, who helped design the digital gaming strategy, said that “the document is structured on four pillars. To attract global games companies to Malta, encourage company start-ups, enhance education in the digital gaming sector and nurture a games eco-system which can interweave with big international companies.”

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