Commercial Yachts to Benefit from Malta Tonnage Tax Regime

Dr. Silvana Zammit | 02 Feb 2018

Malta Yacht Scheme

The Malta tonnage tax regime, recently approved by the European Commission, shall apply also to entities operating commerical yachts.

Following the scrutiny and thereafter approval of the Malta tonnage tax regime by the European Commission last December, the Maltese Shipping Registrar has announced that the Malta tonnage tax regime shall be extended to entities undertaking shipping activities through the operation of commercial yachts.#


Registrar General Ivan Sammut announced this at the Super Yacht Investor Conference in London this week.

The Malta tonnage tax regime entitles entities undertaking shipping activities to be exempt from income tax subject to the payment of a pre-agreed tonnage tax amount. For an commercial yacht entity to benefit from the Malta tonnage tax regime, a significant part of its fleet must fly the flag of an European Economic Area Member State and at least 25% of its fleet subject to tonnage tax with an EEA flag.

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