Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit Now Requires a Minimum Physical Stay

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 25 Jul 2022

Malta Digital Nomad Residence Permit physical stay

Malta’s Nomad Residence Permit has been attracting a large number of digital nomads who relocate to Malta to live and work. From its launch in June 2021, the island has received over 200 applications from applicants from around the world. The majority of individuals applying under this scheme are from the USA and the UK and have an average age of around 37 years. Most applicants who are applying under Malta’s Nomad Residence Permit are employed and hence can show that they can conduct their employment with a foreign company whilst working from Malta.  
To qualify under this regime, applicants must be non-EU nationals and receive at least a gross monthly income of €2,700. They also need to show that they are either employed, self-employed or freelancers.   

Validity of Nomad Residence Permit 

A residence permit issued under Malta’s Digital Nomad Visa can be issued either for six months or for one year, depending on the number of days an applicant is willing to stay in Malta. A residence permit can be renewed twice, for a total maximum of three years at the discretion of the government authorities, subject to the applicant still being able to satisfy the programme’s eligibility criteria. 

Minimum Physical Requirement under the Malta Nomad Residence Permit  

At the end of the one-year residence permit, applicants can renew their residence card by showing that they have resided in Malta for a cumulative period of at least five (5) months over the previous year.  
Nomad Residence Permit applicants who opted for a 6-month visa, must provide proof that they have resided in Malta for a cumulative period of at least three (3) months over the previous six (6) months. However, renewals must be for one (1) year.  

One may apply for renewal of the permit by not later than forty-five (45) days prior to the expiry of the existing permit. 

In addition, the applicants must also continue satisfying the respective economic criteria and renting/owning a property in Malta.  



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