Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day 2024

Fostering Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

. Martina Cassar | Published on 26 Apr 2024

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Today, on World Intellectual Property (IP) Day, we reflect on “Building our common future with innovation and creativity” as we highlight the crucial role that intellectual property rights play in in fostering prosperity and a sustainable global community while also advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Building a Better Future for People

The ability of individuals to turn their ideas into solutions that advance society is at the core of intellectual property rights. Researchers and innovators are rewarded for their efforts and encouraged to keep pushing the frontiers of innovation through the protection of their works safeguarded by patents, trademarks, and copyrights etc. Goal 3 of the SDGs (Good Health and Well-Being) is directly impacted by this innovation drive, as it advances life-saving medications and medical technologies, while Goal 4 (Quality Education) benefits from the promotion of a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing. During the announcement of this year’s IP day dedication in Lisbon, Amina J. Mohammed, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group in an opening address said: 

“Innovation and industrial property - from design and legislation, to trademarks and information - are key elements in our joint efforts to generate new ideas and solutions to accelerate progress across all SDGs,”

Building a Better Future for the Planet

The pursuit of sustainability and the resolution of environmental challenges depend substantially on innovation and creativity. By maximizing resources and reducing the effects of climate change, intellectual property aids to stimulate the creation of climate-friendly technologies that support SDGs 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and 13 (Climate Action). IP rights are essential for achieving SDGs 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) because they encourage the development and endorsement of environmentally conscious approaches. For example, intellectual property protection might encourage businesses and individuals to invest in solar energy technologies. New designs and technologies for solar panels can be further protected by patents.

Building a Thriving Economy

Implementing intellectual property frameworks in a way that promotes economic progress, peace, and justice is essential. Protecting intellectual property helps countries innovate, advancing both technology and artistic expression. This promotes entrepreneurship and jobs, which advances prosperity and supports SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). Since they maintain the rule of law and facilitate conflict resolution, robust intellectual property systems also support SDG 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. As is the case with patents, intellectual property protection helps European pharmaceutical companies to recover their R&D expenditures, fostering additional innovation and employment growth. While specialized tribunals like the Unified Patent Court uphold the rule of law and assure justice, the European Patent Office issues patents, guaranteeing the protection of inventors' rights.

What this means for you

As we celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, we recognize the critical role that intellectual property rights play in promoting creativity and innovation for a sustainable future. In addition to providing incentives for innovators and manufacturers, these rights also play a major role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Proper use of intellectual property rights can provide you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and have an advantageous impact on the environment and society.

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