Malta Flag welcomes Deutschland in its ever-increasing registry

Dr. Chris Cini | Published on 20 Jun 2012

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Deutschland, Germany’s most well-known cruise ship, has recently opted to switch its German flag to the Malta flag. The bold decision to move to the Malta ship register has been resolved in consideration of the several advantageous aspects offered by the competitive Malta flag rather than the mere swapping of the physical flag per se.

Benefits provided by the Malta flag include the steady adherence to international standards and ratification of most International Maritime Organisation (IMO) conventions, the active contribution in international shipping fora from all interested stakeholders, a relatively quick registration procedure and the establishment of beneficial fiscal solutions to ship owners including a reliable tax regime.

Such move by operators of the cruise ship Deilmann, has raised eyebrows especially within the German government and national shipping unions alike for its choice to call off its ties with the German shipping registry and switch to the ever-successful Maltese ship register.

The German government has lately been criticised for its narrow attention to the national maritime issues and the dire need of sound proposals in the marine sector. Operators Deilmann commented that the German government’s conclusion to decrease funding for vessels registered under the German flag had set off their intent to change flag.

The Deutschland is the last cruise liner to operate under the German flag.

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