COVID-19: Identity Malta implements new procedures

Most applications to be submitted through e-mail or post

Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig | Published on 03 Apr 2020

Identity Malta Agency

In light of the Covid-19 situation in Malta, the Government's agency responsible for immigration, Identity Malta has issued a number of changes to the services provided. These changes are aimed at facilitating the service provided by Identity Malta whilst safeguarding public health interest and the well being of its employees. Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Communities, Hon Alex Muscat has also indicated that Identity Malta are evaluating the launching of an online portal system.

The changes being implemented by Identity Malta include the following:

Birth & Death Registration

As from next Monday 6th April, parents may register their newborn's birth by post without the need to visit Identity Malta's premises. Parents are asked to first contact the Public Registry Unit via e-mail and then send hard copies of the required documents by registered post. The relevant birth registration fee of €2.60 may also be paid via bank transfer. Upon receiving the documents, the Public Registry will issue and send the Act of Birth for the parents’ verification. The parents can confirm by signing the Act and once signed the parents are required to send the document by registered mail  to the Public Registry Office. The Act of Birth will then be registered and the parents will be notified by SMS or e-mail that the new-born’s Certificate of Birth can be ordered online. 

Similarly, as from next Monday, death registrations can also be done by post, without having to visit Identity Malta’s office. The person registering the death of a deceased person should first contact the Public Registry Unit by e-mail and then send documents to the Public Registry by registered post. Once received, the individual registering the death will be notified by SMS or email that the Certificate of Death can be ordered online. 

Expatriates Unit to accept Online Registrations

EU, EEA & Swiss nationals, as well as their family members, who have either been in Malta for three months and have not yet registered their residence or whose residence document has expired, should register their status by sending an email to Identity Malta. Family members of third country nationals and applicants for a temporary residence permit can submit a new application or renewal via email. 

Work Permit Applications

Identity Malta is only accepting work permit (singe permit) applications for highly skilled workers (Key Employee Initiative) and workers in the health sector and social care for the elderly and the disabled. New applications for highly skilled workers and medical professionals, as well as renewals and change in employment are to be submitted online.

Central Visa Unit to operate by appointment

The Central Visa Unit, as of next Monday 6th April will open to the public from 08:00-11:00 am and individuals will only be seen by appointment.

Foreign Spouses of Maltese Citizens

Individuals applying for Exempt Status (Foreign Spouses of Maltese nationals) have been temporarily suspended. 

Foreign Students in Malta

Non-EU nationals currently studying English in Malta in an ELT recognised institution may apply for a national visa in order to regulate their stay up until the end of their course. This also applies to third country national students who are currently in Malta and are studying an online course in MQF levels 1 to 4. Whereas, those students in higher education and whose residence permit validity is about to expire should send an email to renew their permit.

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