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Using Malta Companies in International Tax Planning


A presentation featuring Malta as a jurisdiction for structuring wealth & international business operations.  An overview of salient points of Malta's tax system & practical tax planning ideas & typical structures for specific cases.

Last Updated: 03/05/2012

A presentation outlining how Malta features as a jurisdiction for managing wealth and a platform for international business and business support operations.  Also an overview of the salient points of Malta's tax system relevant to its use in tax planning and goes on to provide tax planning ideas and typical structures using Malta Companies in tax planning:

  • Flow-through structures using Malta's Participation Exemption,
  • Malta Holding Company Structures,
  • Capital Gains Structures,
  • Trading Company Structures,
  • 2-tier Structures,
  • Malta Branch Structures,
  • Continuation of Companies in Malta,
  • Non-Domiciled Companies managed, controlled (resident) in Malta
  • IP and Royalty Structures.

This presentation is available for download in PDF and Powerpoint formats.

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