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Our Property Law practice group provides legal advice on all aspects of buying, selling, renting, renovating or developing property in Malta.

Malta Property Purchase or Sale

The purchase of a residential or commercial property is a significant and emotional transaction for most people. Lack of familiarity with local customs, language or the local legal system may make the situation more overwhelming. On the other hand, be it for personal, commercial or any other reason for which an owner may choose to sell his property, the selling process may involve numerous legal issues.

Whilst the process is normally relatively straightforward, guidance from legal professionals is generally called for to ensure that the rights of the seller and the buyer are being protected in every step of the way. Fully conscious of this, Chetcuti Cauchi positions itself as a point of reference between clients and other stakeholders such as banks, estate agents and contractors. We subsequently negotiate and draft the best possible terms on which the property is either acquired or sold.  Having successfully negotiated numerous property deals, our Property Law team can professionally assess the leverage of the parties to the process, conduct negotiations and ensure that the deal is sealed. Keeping in mind that the price is a determining factor of the negotiations, professionals at Chetcuti Cauchi ensure that the client’s interests are adequately protected and pitfalls avoided.

Malta Property Rental

As relates to leases, Chetcuti Cauchi helps prospective lessees identify the ideal type of lease for their needs or business, including the lease term, rent payments and rent renewals. Acting as a one-stop-shop, Chetcuti Cauchi helps prospective lessors or lessees to convene with real estate agents and negotiates and obtain the best terms possible on behalf of the client. Benefiting from years of experience, Chetcuti Cauchi not only drafts agreements for the lease of residential properties but also commercial leases for retail outlets, offices, hotels, catering establishments, factories, warehouses or other commercial units. In addition, the multi-disciplinary team at Chetcuti Cauchi helps with the attainment of any necessary permits for the purposes of undertaking commercial activities from the premises rented.

Our Malta Property Law Practice

Our property lawyers and planning consultants can provide consulting on residential, commercial, mixed-use and industrial property acquisition, sale and lease; residential, tourism and industrial real estate development. We also assist with government permits and procedures, such as the attainment of any AIP, trade or similar permits necessary prior to the acquisition of the said property. With its years of experience, Chetcuti Cauchi is in a position to provide other ancillary services, including the negotiation of terms in any bank finance and the liaison with architects and other parties to ensure smooth closure of any property transactions.

Our Malta Property Lawyers

Our typical clients vary from individuals interested in buying their residence or holiday home in Malta to developers constructing and managing large scale projects.  Our team assists during the purchase/transfer process as well as by drafting and vetting all documents with suppliers, agents and contractors. We also take care of setting up rules and regulations for the running of condominia. With regards to dispute resolution, our lawyers usually initially seek to reach an amicable and out of court settlement to ensure that the parties don’t enter into lengthy and laborious litigation procedures. Having said that, if this method is not successful, we proceed with finding the best court or alternative-dispute-resolution method possible, to ensure an expeditious and least-costly solution

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