Malta's Highly Qualified Persons Favourable Tax Status - An Upd

Dr. Trudy Marie Attard | Published on 03 Jul 2012

Chetcuti Cauchi

Maintaining its position as a forerunner in the application of new Malta tax regimes, Chetcuti Cauchi has, for the last months, successfully submitted and received approvals to applications under the relatvely new Highly Qualified Individuals Scheme. 

The scheme allows an individual employed under an employment contract with an entity registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority or the Lotteries and Gaming Authority to opt to subject the employment income to a flat rate of 15% tax. The minimum salary to which the scheme may apply is approximately €80,000. The scheme applies as of year of assessment 2011for a maximum of five years and applies only to individuals who are not domiciled in Malta.

Chetucti Cauchi's stellar relations with both the Malta Financial Services Authority and the Lotteries and Gaming Authority have substantiated the firm's efforts to ensure that the applications submitted have the best chances of success.

We urge interested executives or entities to contact us for a briefing on this highly beneficial scheme. 


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