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Malta and South Africa enjoy a history of healthy trade and diplomatic relations.  This page aims to be a portal for investors from South Africa seeking to invest, trade or relocate to Malta.

Malta offers significant advantages to South African entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and investors seeking safe yet attractive business environment and a low-cost yet high European / Mediterranean lifestyle and free movement within the European Schengen Area.

For the international business, Malta acts as the European platform for international activities, providing a business friendly environment, legal certainty, high-level professional advisors, a skilled workforce and a lower overall cost of operating. A full member of the European Union, the Island Republic of Malta acts as a European gateway to opportunities presented by the European market and opening North African market.

Our South Africa team enjoys a wealth of experience in assisting transactions between the two friendly nations.  Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and relocation specialists have assisted South African clients take up alternative residence in Malta for business, study or tax purposes.  We have advised South African nationals on the tax benefits of taking up residence in Malta, investing in property in Malta and of basing their international business activities in the Mediterranean Island of the European Union.

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